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Everything started some years ago, when Fuzzy Daddy promised himself he would make his own music blog. This formidable blog would soon be known as "Boozetunes". Until then, Fuzz was an urban legend, a legend that no one had ever seen or even talked to.

Slowly but steadily, his blog became more and more accurate and complete, till it finally became famous all around the globe, reaching beyond the five continents and beyond the seven seas. Nonetheless, his humble personality and rigid moral principles could only allow him to keep a low profile, staying away from the public eyes.Fuzz like his friends, believed that the art of sharing music, was a lot more than a need to them. Music is one of the most beatiful things people can share with each other.

So after a lot of "musical wandering", Fuzz and his Popsyke Diaries finally met their friends again in the LostInTyme radio. This kind of wandering will never stop for sure. There will always be something new and beautiful out there, waiting to be discovered by our ears.


He seized the day, trusting the future as little as he could. Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Without reminders of our older existence, the seeking journey alters both our mind and soul. Some were lost... some went on the other side... HORATIUS REX, a musical stalker that is here to join and lead the eclectic people towards the road of an unavoidable psycho-progressive truth.


While being Lost In Tyme... constantly searching and cautiously excavating music from rather rutty and deserted musical paths, I was parallely growing a deep respect for all these unknown and underrated artists, living, waiting for us in their uncharted waters.

Therefore, I grew solicitude for my quest to unveil the remarkable work done by these great musical figures, who due to bad luck remained unknown, having very little attention drawn to them over time.

My goal is to let these musical treasures shine like they deserve to.


My morning sky is blue and purple, my clouds are orange and pink, my sunsets are gold, my nights are filled with luminous stars and comet trails that spread silver dust among forest trees where fairies whisper their tales…

…So my timepiece becomes my morning laugh measuring how content I am, like a dial beneath the sun, with words that I held inside, but could never speak out loud…And time just passed me by like the river's flow... But still, I am telling my rivers to keep on flowing, my forests to keep on growing… Till I find a way……And It always seemed strange to me, the fact that my dream had never really changed...

I always needed music just as much as my ocean needs to reach for the rivers… deep in me, flowing deep in me…Music always started like an immense shadow, till it finally stood up radiating light, smooth and sleek like a dolphin playing above the sea. The only direction is the one that both the sun and the moon follow.

As long as the clouds are shifting gently, and as long as the stars are pinned high in the sky, I will try for my best.Slowly I'm being awakened by a sound and finally I get to remember what it was that brought me here…Lost is where I find myself searching for something… seeking which direction I can follow…

Lost is where I listen to the voices all around… …voices that will lead me back to the shore… Lost is what I needed to be...to discover where I was …to find what it is that I’m sailing for… … and I am still sailing through the widest seas…

that’s me and I am Spellbound…

MATJAS - Producer

Looking through my window - Sitting in my chair - Seeing the clouds move by - Combing my hair - Listen to what is this - Hearing celestial voices - Getting a little kiss - Make easy choices - Lost in tyme - Experiencing sounds - In many rounds - Is HAPPINESS

UNCLE LAKIS - Producer

"Music Is My Oxygen." And it is, because I simply cannot live without it.

I'm called Dianelos, or better Uncle Lakis. I live in Athens and I'm a music lover, especialy for the 60s-70s rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic Rock, Rare Rock Bands, Blues, Jazz Rock and Classic Rock.

I'll take you on a trip to the past with "My Music Time Machine", that will most likely drive you to places unknown, and many times in places we all know and love.

"Peace and Love Brothers."

WINDY LIL - Producer

Windy Lil was blown to Lost in Tyme Radio by a sudden South wind.

In her home, Neverland, it is always summer and people live their lives in music - they’re great dancers and singers and expert, although self-taught, musicians.

Sometimes she’s homesick and she feels better by playing for music lovers lost psychedelic and progressive sounds from the 60s and 70s..



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