Richard StempkoskiAwesome show Bill. Thanks for doing a bang up Job.(15.10.2019, 23:34)(23:34)0
FuzzyDaddygood night , see you again(15.10.2019, 23:33)(23:33)0
Spellboundmany thanks Fuzzy,beautiful show , goodnight(15.10.2019, 23:32)(23:32)0
ToineThanks Fuzzy; goodnight everybody(15.10.2019, 23:32)(23:32)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks Bill !!! Have a nice night and day ALL the beautiful people(15.10.2019, 23:31)(23:31)0
Psychspaniolosthank you very much bill very nice...goodnight all(15.10.2019, 23:31)(23:31)0
FuzzyDaddythanks a lot brothers and sisters(15.10.2019, 23:31)(23:31)0
ToineGreat(15.10.2019, 23:28)(23:28)0
FuzzyDaddymore Dutch bands soon(15.10.2019, 23:28)(23:28)0
FuzzyDaddyJohn C. van Katwijk - Dutch singer, composer, arranger, producer and artist manager.(15.10.2019, 23:26)(23:26)0
FuzzyDaddyChristie Lane (15.10.2019, 23:26)(23:26)0
FuzzyDaddyBarry sings Paul(15.10.2019, 23:24)(23:24)0
Toinegood old Barry!(15.10.2019, 23:23)(23:23)0
Horatius RexEXCELENT BILL !!!!!!!!!!(15.10.2019, 23:23)(23:23)0
FuzzyDaddyBarry Ryan , English pop singer (15.10.2019, 23:22)(23:22)0
FuzzyDaddyOrchester Gunter Gollasch (15.10.2019, 23:18)(23:18)0
FuzzyDaddyAurora Lacasa - German singer (15.10.2019, 23:18)(23:18)0
FuzzyDaddyNekropolis - lp Suite Til Sommeren(15.10.2019, 23:13)(23:13)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 23:13)(23:13)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 23:13)(23:13)0
FuzzyDaddyNekropolis - Danish 70's progrock band(15.10.2019, 23:13)(23:13)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 23:08)(23:08)0
FuzzyDaddyDanks (Raul Danks and Stefanianna Christopherson) US Folk Rock, Psychedelic Duo - lp Danks 1970(15.10.2019, 23:06)(23:06)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 23:05)(23:05)0
FuzzyDaddyUS Christian folk/rock group active in the early 1970s(15.10.2019, 23:03)(23:03)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 23:02)(23:02)0
FuzzyDaddynice lp(15.10.2019, 23:00)(23:00)0
Psychspaniolosnice one(15.10.2019, 22:59)(22:59)0
FuzzyDaddyYoung And Free (15.10.2019, 22:59)(22:59)0
FuzzyDaddyand Modulos (15.10.2019, 22:55)(22:55)0
FuzzyDaddyCzerwono Czarni(15.10.2019, 22:54)(22:54)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:54)(22:54)0
FuzzyDaddy Israeli prog rock 1977 - Zingale(15.10.2019, 22:52)(22:52)0
Horatius RexJ.E.T. – FEDE, SPERANZA, CARITA – 1972
Founded in Genova, Italy in 1971 - Disbanded in 1974
J.E.T. (not to be confused with JET, an Australian garage-rock band) is an Italian foursome who released a couple of albums in the early 70's of which the second is of particular interest to progsters. Their style is reminiscent of MUSEO ROSENBACH and IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO but more aggressive. After the release of their second album, some members joined ex-MUSEO ROSENBACK's Giancarlo Golzi and switched t
(15.10.2019, 22:50)(22:50)0
FuzzyDaddy J.E.T.(15.10.2019, 22:49)(22:49)0
FuzzyDaddyFede, Speranza, Carita(15.10.2019, 22:48)(22:48)0
ToineFuzzy is letting them loose again this evening(15.10.2019, 22:46)(22:46)0
FuzzyDaddyYes(15.10.2019, 22:46)(22:46)0
PsychspaniolosRussian?(15.10.2019, 22:45)(22:45)0
FuzzyDaddywith Skomorokhi Band (15.10.2019, 22:44)(22:44)0
FuzzyDaddyAlexander Gradsky (15.10.2019, 22:44)(22:44)0
Horatius RexYes !!!! we like them a lot(15.10.2019, 22:43)(22:43)0
ToineBeautiful(15.10.2019, 22:43)(22:43)0
FuzzyDaddyCatharsis (15.10.2019, 22:41)(22:41)0
FuzzyDaddyTunnel Extatique(15.10.2019, 22:41)(22:41)0
FuzzyDaddywrong - lp 1983(15.10.2019, 22:40)(22:40)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:38)(22:38)0
FuzzyDaddyMusic By – Δώρος Γεωργιάδης Lyrics By – Σώτια Τσώτου(15.10.2019, 22:38)(22:38)0
FuzzyDaddyΕγώ Ζωγράφισα Τη Γη... lp 1973(15.10.2019, 22:38)(22:38)0
Horatius RexTOP ALBUM(15.10.2019, 22:36)(22:36)0
Horatius Rex1978(15.10.2019, 22:36)(22:36)0
Horatius RexSATCHITANANDA - A Thought Away (Private Press)
Great and obscure complex prog-jazz/fusion band of the Maryland, Washington DC area.
Intricate, hight dynamic with constant keyboard and piano alternations, beautiful sax and flute dialog and soloing, highly recommended!
(15.10.2019, 22:35)(22:35)0
FuzzyDaddySatchitananda US Jazz-Rock, Fusion band (15.10.2019, 22:34)(22:34)0
Toinenice(15.10.2019, 22:31)(22:31)0
FuzzyDaddyDutch pop single 1972 - Bad Song / Mabel(15.10.2019, 22:30)(22:30)0
FuzzyDaddyEast Avenue (15.10.2019, 22:30)(22:30)0
PsychspaniolosComunitat Valenciana(15.10.2019, 22:27)(22:27)0
Horatius RexEclectic Prog • Spain ................ Eduardo BORT is a Spanish guitarist/composer who recorded two LPs of progressive psychedelic art rock in the mid 1970s. One is known to have been issued: a self-titled album from 1974/75 that went mostly unnoticed, though in Spain it did get some due credit. It is only now receiving acclaim as one of the best releases in the Spanish prog/psych of the period.(15.10.2019, 22:27)(22:27)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:26)(22:26)0
FuzzyDaddyEduardo Bort - Spanish rock guitarist and singer.(15.10.2019, 22:26)(22:26)0
FuzzyDaddyHi George(15.10.2019, 22:26)(22:26)0
Horatius RexGood evening Jorje(15.10.2019, 22:26)(22:26)0
Psychspanioloshello all ladies and gentelmen(15.10.2019, 22:25)(22:25)0
FuzzyDaddy1st lp - 1975 - Arranged By – Κώστας Κλάββας(15.10.2019, 22:24)(22:24)0
FuzzyDaddyGiorgos Polychroniadis (15.10.2019, 22:24)(22:24)0
Horatius RexΣΩΠΑΤΕ ΩΡΕ(15.10.2019, 22:24)(22:24)0
FuzzyDaddyabsolutely(15.10.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
Horatius RexTOP ALBUM(15.10.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
Horatius RexKLAN were a Warsaw fusion quartet born in 1969 and headed by guitarist/vocalist Marek Allaszewski. His mates were keyboard player Maciej Gluszkiewicz, bassist Roman Pawelski and drummer Andrzej Poniatowski. Their music had a remarkably mature psychedelic sound for a band from an Eastern-Block country in the early 70's - somewhat in the vein of VANILLA FUDGE albeit slightly less heavy and more melodic.(15.10.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
FuzzyDaddyKlan - Polish rock band - 1st lp Mrowisko - 1971(15.10.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
Horatius RexCrossbreeze from the town of Bodo, Norway...was formed as a studio project in 1974. by Walter Albriktsen, Terje Nilsen and Finn Sletten.
The album was released on the Experience record label, run by Nils J. Oybakken, who also owned a recording studio.
Most of the album was written in the studio, in a couple of months.
All three members contributed with songs, and becouse of the different influences they had, the music came out as a strange mix of rock, progressive, psyche and a touch of west coa
(15.10.2019, 22:18)(22:18)0
FuzzyDaddymoog sequences(15.10.2019, 22:18)(22:18)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:16)(22:16)0
FuzzyDaddyCrossbreeze from Norway , s/t lp 1974(15.10.2019, 22:16)(22:16)0
FuzzyDaddyand here comes the guitars(15.10.2019, 22:13)(22:13)0
Horatius RexJ.Rider = Anonymous TOP psych prog band(15.10.2019, 22:12)(22:12)1
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:09)(22:09)0
FuzzyDaddyTo U.S. now - J.Rider from Indianapolis(15.10.2019, 22:09)(22:09)0
FuzzyDaddyyes that's right Rich(15.10.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
Richard StempkoskiGreat stuff. Reminds me of Spooky Tooth.(15.10.2019, 22:07)(22:07)0
FuzzyDaddyyes Spell , one and only beautiful single(15.10.2019, 22:07)(22:07)0
Spellboundexcellent(15.10.2019, 22:05)(22:05)0
FuzzyDaddysingle Look at the Sky / Sleeping Dreaming 1970(15.10.2019, 22:05)(22:05)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:05)(22:05)0
FuzzyDaddyDutch band - Giant Empire(15.10.2019, 22:04)(22:04)0
FuzzyDaddy(15.10.2019, 22:01)(22:01)0
FuzzyDaddyImage Of Jesus from Germany(15.10.2019, 22:01)(22:01)0
ToineHi Dora(15.10.2019, 21:59)(21:59)0
FuzzyDaddypsychedelic rock from New York s/t lp - 1969(15.10.2019, 21:59)(21:59)0
Horatius RexGood evening Dora !!(15.10.2019, 21:59)(21:59)0
Toineit is(15.10.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
FuzzyDaddyκαι καλησπερα σας Spell(15.10.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
Spellboundgood evening και καλησπερα σας(15.10.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
Horatius RexTOP ALBUM(15.10.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
FuzzyDaddyMajic Ship (15.10.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom Sweden single The Message / Midnight Junk 1970(15.10.2019, 21:55)(21:55)0
FuzzyDaddyThe Junk's & The Angels (15.10.2019, 21:55)(21:55)0
FuzzyDaddywith flutes and pianos(15.10.2019, 21:52)(21:52)0
Horatius RexWonderful popsters from Sweden(15.10.2019, 21:51)(21:51)0

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