Jazlynενα δυο ....φφφ φφφ(23.09.2020, 12:30)(12:30)0
Eileengreat music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(26.08.2020, 20:43)(20:43)0
Psychspaniolosτο τσατ δουλευει?(02.07.2020, 22:30)(22:30)0
Psychspaniolosits me(02.07.2020, 22:06)(22:06)0
MackenzieHello all(02.07.2020, 22:06)(22:06)0
StumpheavyrockOkay Guys, Stay safe.(02.07.2020, 21:43)(21:43)0
Horatius RexOk bye bye brother(02.07.2020, 21:43)(21:43)0
ToineBye till over two months(02.07.2020, 21:43)(21:43)0
Toineok, Im off now(02.07.2020, 21:42)(21:42)0
Horatius RexGood evening Rich ... no show tonight .... AFTER 2 MONTHS !!!!!(02.07.2020, 21:42)(21:42)0
ToineHi Rich(02.07.2020, 21:41)(21:41)0
Horatius RexI want to see if we can communicate correctly on the bird(02.07.2020, 21:38)(21:38)0
StumpheavyrockGood evening Rex, Toine.(02.07.2020, 21:38)(21:38)0
ToineI send it with Wetransfer(02.07.2020, 21:38)(21:38)0
Horatius RexOK .... Write something on the bird to see(02.07.2020, 21:37)(21:37)0
ToineI send you reshining beauties 060; did you receive them; you can use it in the first edition when we start again(02.07.2020, 21:37)(21:37)0
Horatius RexYes we re gonna speak on the chat after two months (02.07.2020, 21:36)(21:36)0
ToineYes, stop for July and August is ok with me(02.07.2020, 21:36)(21:36)0
Horatius RexYes you saw it ?(02.07.2020, 21:35)(21:35)0
Toineyes, on soulseek(02.07.2020, 21:35)(21:35)0
Horatius RexToine, good evening brother i wrote you on the bird(02.07.2020, 21:34)(21:34)0
ToineI'm ready, Panos(02.07.2020, 21:28)(21:28)0
Windy LilGood night Rich!(30.06.2020, 23:57)(23:57)0
StumpheavyrockThanks Windy Good night.(30.06.2020, 23:49)(23:49)0
Spellboundmany thanks Lil, wonderful work, goodnight(30.06.2020, 23:46)(23:46)0
PsychspaniolosΝα πω και γω καληνυχτα δουλευοντας ακομα...ειχαμε μοσικη παρεα ομως.....να ειστε καλα απαντες(30.06.2020, 23:46)(23:46)0
Windy LilThank you for listening and for helping!Goodnight all!(30.06.2020, 23:45)(23:45)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks Windy for the tonight show !!!!! Goodnight ALL(30.06.2020, 23:44)(23:44)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:44)(23:44)0
Spellboundhttps://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057280/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0(30.06.2020, 23:43)(23:43)0
Horatius RexCarlo Savina - Tema d'amore - La Cripta E L'Incubo (Crypt Of The Vampire) (1963) Carlo Savina was an Italian composer and conductor who composed, arranged, and conducted music for films-and is especially remembered for being the music director of films such as The Godfather (1972), Amarcord (1973), and The Bear (1988).(30.06.2020, 23:43)(23:43)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:39)(23:39)0
Horatius RexNino Rota - Plein Soleil (Suite) A rare French soundtrack by Nino Rota, done for this 1960 film by Rene Clement -- but filled with all the bold themes and whimsical moments of Rota's best work for Fellini! Clement's film has some beautifully spare moments that Rota scores perfectly here -- letting the music drift along with the gentlest breeze on the sea, but contrasting in other moments with a more dramatic orchestral theme.(30.06.2020, 23:39)(23:39)0
Windy Lilthis piece could have been written by Pergolesi...(30.06.2020, 23:36)(23:36)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:34)(23:34)0
Horatius RexEnnio Morricone - Chi Mai - Le Professionnel(1981)(30.06.2020, 23:34)(23:34)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:29)(23:29)0
Horatius RexStefano Liberati - Shark jazz band - Pericolo Negli Abissi(1978)(30.06.2020, 23:29)(23:29)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:27)(23:27)0
Horatius RexSante Maria Romitelli - Ancora un'altra vittima - Il Rosso Segno Della Follia (Hatchet for the Honeymoon) 1969 Great horror work from Sante Maria Romitelli – served up in a very nice mix of styles! Some of the tunes here share a spare, tense feel with other Italian composers of the time – while others veer a bit more towards the darker modes of late 60s American scoring – especially in the way the woodwinds are used, almost in an avant-classical sort of way.(30.06.2020, 23:27)(23:27)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:24)(23:24)0
Horatius RexRoberto Nicolosi - Black Sabbath (I tre volti della paura) (1963)
Roberto Nicolosi was an Italian jazz double-bassist and leader born in Genoa.
(30.06.2020, 23:24)(23:24)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:20)(23:20)0
Horatius RexSophia Loren - Mambo Bacan - La Donna Del Fiume (1954)(30.06.2020, 23:20)(23:20)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:18)(23:18)0
Horatius RexRiz Ortolani - Natasha's Dance - “The Spy With a Cold Nose” (1966)
Soundtrakc of the comedy film “The Spy With a Cold Nose” by Riz Ortolani.
(30.06.2020, 23:18)(23:18)0
Windy Lilτσιφτετελακι(30.06.2020, 23:16)(23:16)0
Horatius RexRiz Ortolani - I giorni dell'ira - I Giorni dell'Ira ( Day Of Anger) (1967)
Original motion picture soundtrack from the spaghetti western movie with Giuliano Gemma and Lee Van Cleef
(30.06.2020, 23:15)(23:15)0
Horatius RexPuccio Roelens E La Sua Grande Orchestra TV - Caravan - Primo Canale 1971 A cult OST from Puccio Roelens ! It includes the organ groove "Snake Boy", the jazz beat "Detroit City", a superb psychedelic and groovy version of "Caravan", a track that appeared on a Dusty Fingers compilation, a while ago, "Samba de una nota so" Brazilian sound with wordless female chorus, and the drama jazz "Night Train", with its unique Italian soundtrack sound.(30.06.2020, 23:11)(23:11)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:10)(23:10)0
Windy LilI thank you so much tonight!(30.06.2020, 23:09)(23:09)0
SpellboundHoratius Rex, (30.06.2020, 23:08)(23:08)0
Horatius RexPiero Umiliani - Crepuscolo Sul Mare (Twilight On The Sea)- La Legge Dei Gangsters (1969)(30.06.2020, 23:08)(23:08)0
SpellboundUmiliani was born in Florence, Tuscany. Like many of his Italian colleagues at that time, he composed the scores for many exploitation films in the 1960s and 1970s, covering genres such as Spaghetti Westerns, Eurospy, Giallo, and softcore sex films.(30.06.2020, 23:08)(23:08)0
Horatius RexPiero Umiliani - Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso - You Tried to Warn Me - Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (1968)
Director: Luigi Scattini with Lydia McDonald’s voice
(30.06.2020, 23:05)(23:05)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 23:00)(23:00)0
Horatius RexPiero Piccioni - La Decima Vittima (Main Title)- La Decima Vittima (1965)
classic soundtrack to Elio Petri's stylish cult sci-fi film The Tenth Victim starring the beautiful Ursula Andress and the legendary Marcello Mastroianni.
(30.06.2020, 22:59)(22:59)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:58)(22:58)0
Horatius RexPeppino De Luca E I Marc 4- Ι tre messecani - La Ragazza Con La Pistola (1968) Girl With A Pistol! Incredible psych-groove soundtrack by Peppino de Luca (known for his collaboration with the library music band I Marc 4 ) for the Italian cult movie La ragazza con la pistola (The Girl with the Pistol) (1968), directed by the legendary Mario Monicelli and starring Monica Vitti. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1969.(30.06.2020, 22:57)(22:57)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:54)(22:54)0
Horatius RexPeppino De Luca E I Marc 4 - L'uomo dagli occhi di ghiaccio(Man With Icy Eyes)1971(30.06.2020, 22:54)(22:54)0

A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty eternally, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.
Director: Massimo Dallamano
Stars: Helmut Berger, Richard Todd, Herbert Lom
(30.06.2020, 22:53)(22:53)0
Horatius RexPeppino De Luca - Amore In Piccadilly - Il Dio Chiamato Dorian(1970)
Peppino De Luca's certainly not one of the better-known composers from this stretch
(30.06.2020, 22:52)(22:52)0
Horatius RexNora Orlandi - Il giorno dell'odio - Per 100.000 Dollari T'Ammazzo (1967) Nora Orlandi - Il giorno dell'odio - Per 100.000 Dollari T'Ammazzo (aka One Hundred Thousand Dollars per Killing) (1967) and is best known for "Dies Irae", a short piece she wrote and performed for Sergio Martino's The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh (1971) which was later reused in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004).(30.06.2020, 22:49)(22:49)0
Horatius RexNino Rota - Plein Soleil - (1960) Giovanni Rota Rinaldi , better known as Nino Rota , was an Italian composer, pianist, conductor and academic who is best known for his film scores, notably for the films of Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti. He also composed the music for two of Franco Zeffirelli's Shakespeare films, and for the first two films of Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather trilogy, receiving the Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Godfather Part II (1974).(30.06.2020, 22:46)(22:46)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:43)(22:43)0

A young woman is tormented by nightmares of her miscarriage. She becomes unfaithful to her husband and meets various lovers. Eventually, reality begins to unfurl around her.
(30.06.2020, 22:42)(22:42)0
Horatius RexMaurizio Vandelli - Dr. Jekyll - "Madeleine... Anatomia Di Un Incubo" ("Madeleine, Study of A Nightmare") 1974 Director Roberto Mauri
Maurizio Vandelli is an Italian singer born in March 30, 1944, Modena, Italy.In 1964 he formed a Beat band , Equipe 84.
(30.06.2020, 22:42)(22:42)0

In search of help, two wounded gangsters on the run find refuge in the secluded castle of a feeble man and his wife; however, under the point of a gun, nothing is what it seems.
Director: Roman Polanski
(30.06.2020, 22:39)(22:39)0
Horatius RexKrzysztof Komeda - Cul de sac - Cul de sac (1966)
Jazz pianist, Krzysztof Komeda’s most rare & weirdest music performed for a film directed by his friend, Roman Polanski.
(30.06.2020, 22:38)(22:38)0
SpellboundAn American newcomer to a prestigious German ballet academy comes to realize that the school is a front for something sinister amid a series of grisly murders.
Director: Dario Argento
(30.06.2020, 22:33)(22:33)0
Horatius RexΕδω ακουμε ευλαβικα(30.06.2020, 22:32)(22:32)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:32)(22:32)0
Horatius RexGoblin - Black Forest - Suspiria(1977) Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtrack work. They frequently collaborate with Dario Argento, most notably creating soundtracks for Profondo Rosso in 1975 and Suspiria in 1977. Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtrack work. They frequently collaborate with Dario Argento, most notably creating soundtracks for Profondo Rosso in 1975 and Suspiria in 1977.(30.06.2020, 22:32)(22:32)0
Horatius RexΚΟΜΜΑΤΑΡΑ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(30.06.2020, 22:30)(22:30)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:29)(22:29)0
Horatius RexGiuliano Sorgini - Mad Town - Zoo Folle (1974) An incredible lost jazz funk soundtrack by Guiliano Sorgini all the more fascinating given the film it was made for! The soundtrack is a wild one for the most part, with a few more elegiac sounding numbers – but weighted heavily overall with feverish percussion, Hammond, Moog and other keys and synths – along with funky flute and bass on the wilder numbers ....(30.06.2020, 22:29)(22:29)0

A group of Northern vigilantes, roaming the post Civil War south, attack and kill the fiancee of war veteran Brian who is rescued by his friend, Daniel. The two, with brother Robert, set out to find the killers but Brian suffers from amnesia.
(30.06.2020, 22:26)(22:26)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:26)(22:26)0
Horatius RexGianni Marchetti - Duello Di Morte - I Vigliacchi Non Pregano(1968) (Taste of Vengeance)
Gianni Marchetti Italian composer and songwriter, born 7 September 1933 in Rome, Italy, died 11 April 2012 in Rome, Italy.
(30.06.2020, 22:25)(22:25)0
SpellboundAn ambitious narcotics agent relentlessly pursues a wealthy industrialist responsible for a large-scale drug operation.
Director: Stelvio Massi
(30.06.2020, 22:23)(22:23)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:23)(22:23)0
Horatius RexStelvio Cipriani - Mark Il Poliziotto - Mark Il Poliziotto (1975)
This was the first in a trilogy of "Mark" cop movies. The soundtrack by Stelvio Cipriani is typical of this genre with it's funky main theme (along with it's variations)
mixed with some nice slower tempo ones.
(30.06.2020, 22:22)(22:22)0
Windy Lil(30.06.2020, 22:20)(22:20)0
Horatius RexGianni Dell'Orso & Gianni Oddi - Night magic (bossa version) - Mondo Di Notte Oggi(1975)(30.06.2020, 22:20)(22:20)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:19)(22:19)0
Horatius RexΟΡΓΙΩΔΗΣ η εκπομπη(30.06.2020, 22:18)(22:18)0
Horatius RexGianni Dell'Orso & Gianni Oddi - Soul meeting - Mondo Di Notte Oggi(1975)
A sexy Euro soundtrack from the 70s — penned for a film that’s apparently filled with lots of scantily clad showgirls! The style is totally sweet — often heavy on the keyboards, or on the strings — slightly slinky one minute, then soaring to the skies in a Love Unlimited Orchestra mode the next.
(30.06.2020, 22:18)(22:18)0
Horatius RexFred Bongusto - Spaghetti A Detroit (Main Titles) - Il Tigre(1967)(30.06.2020, 22:15)(22:15)0
FuzzyDaddy στα διχτυα λεμε(30.06.2020, 22:14)(22:14)0
Windy Lil(30.06.2020, 22:13)(22:13)0
Horatius RexΜε τα ματια ακους ?(30.06.2020, 22:13)(22:13)0

Dino Risi directed this bittersweet comedy about a 45-year-old man, Francesco Vincenzini (Vittorio Gassman), who becomes a grandfather for the first time and begins to fret about old age.
When his son is rejected by the flirtatious Carolina (Ann-Margaret) and tries to kill himself, Francesco pays Carolina a visit to lambaste her for her treatment of his son.
(30.06.2020, 22:13)(22:13)0
Horatius RexFred Bongusto - Il Tigre (Party Music) - Il Tigre(1967)
Alfredo Bongusto , known by his stage name Fred Bongusto, is an Italian light music singer and songwriter who was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
(30.06.2020, 22:13)(22:13)0
Psychspaniolos(30.06.2020, 22:12)(22:12)0
Psychspaniolosφωτο δε βλεπω να ξερω τι ακουω, τι εγινε παλι?(30.06.2020, 22:11)(22:11)0
Horatius RexFrancesco De Masi - London Girl - Troppo Per Vivere...Poco Per Morire (1967)(30.06.2020, 22:11)(22:11)0
Spellbound(30.06.2020, 22:11)(22:11)0
Spellboundκραυγαζει(30.06.2020, 22:10)(22:10)0
Horatius RexΤι παρεξηγηση ... ΕΔΩ ΦΩΝΑΖΕΙ ΤΟ ΠΡΑΜΑΑΑΑ(30.06.2020, 22:10)(22:10)0

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