Windy LilGood night!(13.04.2021, 22:00)(22:00)0
StumpheavyrockYour welcome Windy. Better luck next week. Good night.(13.04.2021, 21:59)(21:59)0
Windy LilThanks for coming Rich!(13.04.2021, 21:58)(21:58)0
StumpheavyrockNo problem Windy. See you next week.(13.04.2021, 21:56)(21:56)0
Windy LilThere is no connection with the server(13.04.2021, 21:55)(21:55)0
Windy LilI am affraid we will have to cancell tonight's show,stay tuned for next week(13.04.2021, 21:54)(21:54)0
StumpheavyrockWhat is the old saying Patience is a virtue,(13.04.2021, 21:54)(21:54)0
Windy Lilwe are working on the problem with Rex...(13.04.2021, 21:52)(21:52)0
Toineok(13.04.2021, 21:38)(21:38)0
Windy Lilwe are searching for Panos,wait please(13.04.2021, 21:38)(21:38)0
Toinesound?(13.04.2021, 21:36)(21:36)0
StumpheavyrockHi Toine(13.04.2021, 21:32)(21:32)0
Windy LilHello Toine!(13.04.2021, 21:32)(21:32)0
ToineHi All the good people(13.04.2021, 21:32)(21:32)0
Windy LilA small delay for Panos to open the gate....(13.04.2021, 21:31)(21:31)0
FuzzyDaddyHi Rich(13.04.2021, 21:28)(21:28)0
Windy LilWelcome Rich!(13.04.2021, 21:28)(21:28)0
StumpheavyrockGreetings Windy & Bill.(13.04.2021, 21:27)(21:27)0
Windy LilHello Fuzz!!(13.04.2021, 21:26)(21:26)0
FuzzyDaddyGood evening(13.04.2021, 21:25)(21:25)0
Windy LilTonight Windy Lil and the Sounds from Neverland in a show called A for Acid.At 21.30 hellas time zone(13.04.2021, 21:17)(21:17)0
Uncle lakisThanks my friends!! Good night!!(11.04.2021, 22:11)(22:11)0
StumpheavyrockWonderful show tonight. Thanks Uncle. Good night all.(11.04.2021, 22:10)(22:10)0
ToineThanks a lot Uncle(11.04.2021, 22:10)(22:10)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks brother !!!!!!!!!!! Good night ALL(11.04.2021, 22:10)(22:10)0
Uncle lakisThis is the last for Today My Friends . Thank a lot for hearing!! Have A good Night . See you next Sunday!!(11.04.2021, 22:09)(22:09)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 22:02)(22:02)0
Horatius RexTudor Lodge !!!!! Μπραβο αδελφε(11.04.2021, 22:01)(22:01)0
Uncle lakisκαι τεραστια φωνη!!(11.04.2021, 21:53)(21:53)0
Horatius RexΚΟΜΜΑΤΑΡΑ(11.04.2021, 21:52)(21:52)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 21:49)(21:49)0
ToineWe love Lyn Blessing(11.04.2021, 21:48)(21:48)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 21:48)(21:48)0
Horatius RexLynn Blessing !!!!!!!!!!(11.04.2021, 21:47)(21:47)0
Uncle lakisοντως(11.04.2021, 21:42)(21:42)0
Horatius RexΡοκια θανατερη(11.04.2021, 21:41)(21:41)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 21:33)(21:33)0
Horatius RexΔιουδης απο αλλο πλανητη(11.04.2021, 21:32)(21:32)0
Uncle lakisτελος 3-1(11.04.2021, 21:31)(21:31)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 21:25)(21:25)0
Horatius RexΚΟΜΜΑΤΑΡΑ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!(11.04.2021, 21:25)(21:25)0
Uncle lakisεγινε 2-1(11.04.2021, 21:15)(21:15)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 21:07)(21:07)0
Horatius RexΓεια σου Διουδη αρχονταααααα(11.04.2021, 21:07)(21:07)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 21:00)(21:00)0
Horatius RexΟ ΔΙΑΤΗΤΗΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΝΤΕΛΩΣ ΚΑΡΑΓΚΙΟΖΗΣ(11.04.2021, 20:59)(20:59)0
Uncle lakisαααααααααααααα(11.04.2021, 20:57)(20:57)0
Horatius RexΑΚΥΡΟΝ !!!!!!!!!!!! ΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΧΑΧΧΧΑΧΑΧΧΑΧΧΑΧΑΧΧΑΑ(11.04.2021, 20:56)(20:56)0
Uncle lakisπρεπει να εγινε φαουλ πριν αλλα τωρα τη ζητας!!(11.04.2021, 20:56)(20:56)0
Uncle lakisετσι(11.04.2021, 20:55)(20:55)0
Horatius RexΚΑΙ ΤΟ 2-1 ειναι ΓΕΓΟΝΟΣ(11.04.2021, 20:55)(20:55)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 20:45)(20:45)0
ToineHi George(11.04.2021, 20:44)(20:44)0
Toinegrand funk - grand stuff(11.04.2021, 20:44)(20:44)0
Uncle lakisκαλως τον(11.04.2021, 20:41)(20:41)0
PsychspaniolosΠιείτε αφοβα παιδια αρχισε το δευτερο ημιχρονο (11.04.2021, 20:40)(20:40)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 20:39)(20:39)0
Horatius RexΩς παναθα ..... ΕΙΜΑΙ(11.04.2021, 20:39)(20:39)0
Uncle lakisΜαζι σου εισαι Αρχοντας!!(11.04.2021, 20:38)(20:38)0
Horatius RexΝαι ρε συ ... να του δωκουμε ενα καλο απο κεχριμπαρι και ΚΑΤΑΠΡΑΣΙΝΟ .... να μετραει τους καημους και τους αναστεναγμους(11.04.2021, 20:37)(20:37)0
Uncle lakisΗ Αν δεν θελει ρολοι δωσε κομπολοι!!(11.04.2021, 20:36)(20:36)0
Uncle lakis24 ΚΑΡΑΤΙΟΝΕ ΝΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΟ ΡΟΛΟΙ(11.04.2021, 20:35)(20:35)0
Uncle lakisΣΥΜΦΩΝΩ!!!!!!!!(11.04.2021, 20:35)(20:35)0
Horatius RexUNCLE ..... LAKIIIIIIIIS !!!!!!!!! Να το διναμε στο σπανιολο γιατι δε θα περναει η ωρα σημερα ???? Λες ????(11.04.2021, 20:34)(20:34)0
Uncle lakisΔωστο σε κανα αλλον χριστιανο αααχαααααα(11.04.2021, 20:33)(20:33)0
Uncle lakisΑλλα ξεχασα εγω δεν πιανομαι ειναι κλεψια γιατι εχω εβαλα το κομματι ααχααααααααα(11.04.2021, 20:33)(20:33)0
Horatius RexAND THE WINNER IS .......(11.04.2021, 20:33)(20:33)0
Uncle lakisΣΤΕΙΛΕ ΜΟΥ ΤΟ ΩΡΟΛΟΓΙΟΝ!!(11.04.2021, 20:32)(20:32)0
Uncle lakisZigaboo Modeliste(11.04.2021, 20:32)(20:32)0
Horatius Rex(11.04.2021, 20:32)(20:32)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 20:31)(20:31)0
Horatius RexΟποιος πει το ντραμμερ των meters κερδιζει χρυσουν ωρολογιον(11.04.2021, 20:30)(20:30)0
Uncle lakisNice band(11.04.2021, 20:23)(20:23)0
Uncle lakis?(11.04.2021, 20:22)(20:22)0
StumpheavyrockWarpig - 1970 Sole self-titled album from Canadian heavy/proto-prog group. Highly recommended.(11.04.2021, 20:20)(20:20)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 20:16)(20:16)0
Horatius RexIts OK brother(11.04.2021, 20:15)(20:15)0
Uncle lakisI have a small problem with the microphone, and for a while we only listen to music, I check it and hope for a while everything goes well(11.04.2021, 20:14)(20:14)0
Windy Lil(11.04.2021, 20:02)(20:02)0
Uncle lakis(11.04.2021, 20:02)(20:02)0
Windy LilHi Toine!(11.04.2021, 19:44)(19:44)0
ToineHi Windy(11.04.2021, 19:44)(19:44)0
Windy LilRex,Richard Hi!(11.04.2021, 19:42)(19:42)0
Horatius RexGood evening Windy(11.04.2021, 19:40)(19:40)0
StumpheavyrockHi Windy(11.04.2021, 19:40)(19:40)0
Uncle lakisHello Windy welcome!!(11.04.2021, 19:40)(19:40)0
Windy LilGood evening Lakis,Hello all!(11.04.2021, 19:39)(19:39)0
Horatius RexHey Rich(11.04.2021, 19:38)(19:38)0
Uncle lakishello and wecome Richard!!(11.04.2021, 19:37)(19:37)0
ToineHi Richard(11.04.2021, 19:37)(19:37)0
StumpheavyrockGreetings all.(11.04.2021, 19:37)(19:37)0
Horatius RexOk Toine ... perfect(11.04.2021, 19:33)(19:33)0
ToinePanos, I have a new laptop but my hard disks are still not connected, so tomorrow no show; hopefully next week(11.04.2021, 19:33)(19:33)0
Uncle lakisHello and welcome Toine(11.04.2021, 19:32)(19:32)0
ToineHi Uncle * Panos(11.04.2021, 19:32)(19:32)0
Uncle lakisκαλησπερα Πανο!! και με την νικη!!(11.04.2021, 19:31)(19:31)0
Horatius RexGood evening ALL(11.04.2021, 19:31)(19:31)0
Uncle lakisHello And Welcome!!!!
The Uncle Lakis, and his Music time machine, makes you every Sunday , a trip to the music space and time, presenting you, songs unknown to the general public, but also several times, songs that we loved at some point in our lives, and still love. So music for collectors by Uncle Lakis from the Lostintyme Radio ,the radio of music lovers .
(11.04.2021, 19:30)(19:30)0
FuzzyDaddyThanks a lot Windy !(06.04.2021, 23:33)(23:33)0

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