Horatius Rex.....(14.12.2019, 21:35)(21:35)0
SpellboundGood evening. Tonight 's show ''All Made Of Stars'' by Spellbound postponed. Have a nice weekend.(13.12.2019, 18:05)(18:05)0
Spellboundmany thanks Panos, goodnight(12.12.2019, 23:31)(23:31)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks ladies and gentlemen, have a wonderful night(12.12.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
Spellbound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(12.12.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
Toinethanks Rex(12.12.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
PsychspaniolosThank you Rex. Good night all.(12.12.2019, 23:29)(23:29)0
Horatius RexThank you Rich, bye bye(12.12.2019, 23:20)(23:20)0
Spellboundgoodnight Richard(12.12.2019, 23:20)(23:20)0
Richard StempkoskiHave to go for now. Thanks Rex for super sounds. Good night all.(12.12.2019, 23:18)(23:18)0
Psychspaniolosnice(12.12.2019, 23:13)(23:13)0
Horatius Rex(12.12.2019, 23:07)(23:07)0
Spellbound(12.12.2019, 23:05)(23:05)0
Horatius RexWONDERFUL ....Thank you Dora(12.12.2019, 23:05)(23:05)0
Spellboundhttps://rexfromtheflatland.blogspot.com/2019/11/charles-kaczinski-lumiere-de-la-nuit.html(12.12.2019, 23:05)(23:05)0
Spellbound.jpg(12.12.2019, 23:04)(23:04)0
Spellbound(12.12.2019, 23:03)(23:03)0
Spellboundκαληνυχτα θειε(12.12.2019, 22:58)(22:58)0
Horatius RexΕυχαριστω Λακη, καληνυχτιζω και ευχομαι καλη ξεκουραση(12.12.2019, 22:58)(22:58)0
Uncle LakisΕδω εγω πρεπει να σας αφησω!!Πανο Ευγε!!!!!!!!!!! Καληνυχτα σε ολες και ολους!!(12.12.2019, 22:57)(22:57)0
Richard StempkoskiThat suits my fine Rex.(12.12.2019, 22:53)(22:53)0
Horatius RexYes, Heavy Psych ....(12.12.2019, 22:51)(22:51)1
Richard StempkoskiSome heavy tunes.(12.12.2019, 22:48)(22:48)0
Horatius RexYes Rich, and if you think that is a private press .....(12.12.2019, 22:48)(22:48)1
ToineGreat stuff(12.12.2019, 22:47)(22:47)0
Richard StempkoskiAwesome band Rex. The Zippyr Band(12.12.2019, 22:43)(22:43)0
Spellboundhi Psych(12.12.2019, 22:34)(22:34)0
ToineHi George(12.12.2019, 22:33)(22:33)0
Horatius RexGood evening George(12.12.2019, 22:33)(22:33)0
Uncle Lakisκαλησπερα Χορχε!!(12.12.2019, 22:33)(22:33)0
Psychspanioloshello all(12.12.2019, 22:32)(22:32)0
Spellbound(12.12.2019, 22:28)(22:28)0
Horatius RexExactly we re speaking for library music .... Thank you Dora(12.12.2019, 22:28)(22:28)0
SpellboundBernard Edgar Joseph Estardy
French musician and arranger
Born on 19.11.1939 in Charenton-le-Pont, Île-de-France, France.
Died on 16.09.2006 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
He has recorded under plenty of monikers, electronic, experimental, dance and disco music.
(12.12.2019, 22:24)(22:24)0
Horatius RexYes a little bit ....(12.12.2019, 22:15)(22:15)0
Richard StempkoskiTierra, I hear some Santana in their sound.(12.12.2019, 22:13)(22:13)0
Uncle Lakis(12.12.2019, 22:11)(22:11)0
Horatius RexThank you brother(12.12.2019, 22:11)(22:11)0
Uncle LakisAmazing Sounds!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!(12.12.2019, 22:09)(22:09)0
Spellbound(12.12.2019, 22:00)(22:00)0
Horatius RexThank you Dora(12.12.2019, 21:59)(21:59)0
Spellbound(12.12.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
Uncle Lakishello dora(12.12.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
Spellbound"We took fairly long to record Jhini. The Sylvan surroundings of the Kosmic Music Studios in Varadepalyam probably contributed to this, where we would laze in swings hung from mango trees, listen to the jackals at night and gaze at the Milky Way. Manoj was our sound engineer, extremely low-key and hard working. The album won the AVMax award for the best produced album in 2003."(12.12.2019, 21:54)(21:54)0
Spellbound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(12.12.2019, 21:51)(21:51)0
Horatius RexGood evening Dora(12.12.2019, 21:38)(21:38)0
Richard StempkoskiHello Spellbound(12.12.2019, 21:36)(21:36)0
ToineHi Dora(12.12.2019, 21:36)(21:36)0
Spellboundgood evening(12.12.2019, 21:36)(21:36)0
Richard StempkoskiHi Toine.(12.12.2019, 21:35)(21:35)0
Uncle LakisHello Toine(12.12.2019, 21:34)(21:34)0
Horatius RexGood evening Toine(12.12.2019, 21:34)(21:34)0
ToineHi Friends(12.12.2019, 21:33)(21:33)0
Horatius RexGood evening Legend(12.12.2019, 21:32)(21:32)1
Richard StempkoskiHi Bill, Rex Uncle Lakis.(12.12.2019, 21:32)(21:32)0
Uncle Lakisκαλησπερα Μπιλ!!(12.12.2019, 21:31)(21:31)0
FuzzyDaddygood evening και καλην εσπεραν αρχοντες(12.12.2019, 21:30)(21:30)0
Horatius RexHello brother Rich(12.12.2019, 21:30)(21:30)0
Uncle LakisGood evening(12.12.2019, 21:29)(21:29)0
Uncle Lakisκαλησπερα Πανο!!(12.12.2019, 21:29)(21:29)0
Richard StempkoskiGood evening all.(12.12.2019, 21:28)(21:28)0
Horatius RexΚαλησπεριζω τ αδελφια(12.12.2019, 21:28)(21:28)0
Uncle Lakisκαλησπερες!!(12.12.2019, 21:28)(21:28)0
Horatius RexHoratius Rex presents: Strange Oracle on Lost In Tyme Radio.
12 - DECEMBER 2019......Live Tonight 21.30 - 23.30 a.m. (Hellas Time).
Psych Prog & Eclectic sounds for All the family.
(12.12.2019, 21:11)(21:11)0
ToineOK(09.12.2019, 23:34)(23:34)0
FuzzyDaddyYes Sir !(09.12.2019, 23:33)(23:33)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks Toine, have a wonderful night ALL (And dont forget of the BATTLE .... normally closer to Christmas ???!!!)(09.12.2019, 23:32)(23:32)0
PsychspaniolosThanks a lot Toine....Thanks a lot Bill...goodnight all(09.12.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
ToineThanks all for the nice comments(09.12.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
Spellboundmany thanks Toine,many thanks Fuzzy(09.12.2019, 23:29)(23:29)0
Horatius RexPersonal opinion ..... today we just listen one of the best broacasts from producer Matjas(09.12.2019, 23:29)(23:29)0
FuzzyDaddyThanks a lot Toine , Nice , very nice ,!(09.12.2019, 23:28)(23:28)0
Toinewow, thanks Rex(09.12.2019, 23:28)(23:28)0
Horatius RexSol Invictus / Rose Rovine E Amanti / Andrew King ‎– A Mythological Prospect Of The Citie Of Londinium 2006
Andrew King’s initial work was in the visual arts, his compositions consisting mainly of figurative, emblematic paintings, studying at Gwent College of Higher Education, 1985-1988 and then SDUC, Lampeter, 1988-1990.
(09.12.2019, 23:27)(23:27)0
Psychspaniolosbest(09.12.2019, 23:25)(23:25)0
FuzzyDaddyNice song , I think I like it(09.12.2019, 23:24)(23:24)0
Horatius RexFormed in New York around 1972, King Harvest became best known for its hit single "Dancing In The Moonlight" in 1973. The band consisted of three keyboardists, Ron Altbach, Sherman Kelly and Davy "Doc" Robinson, plus Ed Tuleja (guitar), Tony Cahill (bass), Rod Novak (saxophone) and David Montgomery (drums).(09.12.2019, 23:21)(23:21)0
Horatius RexRAILROAD GIN - A Matter Of Time (1974) Australia
Anyone with an interest in rock music in Queensland in the early '70s will almost certainly be familiar with Railroad Gin. They formed in Brisbane in 1969 more as a jazz and blues outfit the band.
(09.12.2019, 23:19)(23:19)0
FuzzyDaddyand here is beautiful tune by the Railroad Gin(09.12.2019, 23:18)(23:18)0
Toineyes, australian singer-songwriter, who died in 2013(09.12.2019, 23:16)(23:16)0
ToineCould be Australian; I don't know anymore where I got it from!!(09.12.2019, 23:15)(23:15)0
Horatius RexYou said to our brother the right words(09.12.2019, 23:14)(23:14)0
FuzzyDaddyGregg Quill & Kerryn Tolhurst , Australians Toine ?(09.12.2019, 23:14)(23:14)0
ToineYes, Nimrodel, this is the place for fine, beautiful music from around the world!(09.12.2019, 23:14)(23:14)0
FuzzyDaddyand he likes old progs and folk music , So, I told him this is the right place , the lost in tyme radio(09.12.2019, 23:12)(23:12)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom Greece(09.12.2019, 23:09)(23:09)0
FuzzyDaddyNimrodel is good friend(09.12.2019, 23:09)(23:09)0
Toinethanks Rex(09.12.2019, 23:09)(23:09)0
Horatius RexHello Nimrodel(09.12.2019, 23:08)(23:08)0
Horatius Rexsigned them to a recording contract.(09.12.2019, 23:07)(23:07)0
FuzzyDaddyHi there(09.12.2019, 23:07)(23:07)0
ToineHello Nimrodel(09.12.2019, 23:07)(23:07)0
Horatius RexThe Lewis And Clarke Expedition - Lewis And Clarke Expedition [1967]
1966 found Travis Lewis (aka Michael Martin Murphey) and Boomer Clarke (aka Owen Castleman) paying their bills as songwriters for Screen Gems. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Lewis/Murphey was a passing acquaintance of Mike Nesmith. The connection helped the pair place one of their compositions "Hangin' Round" with the Monkees, in the process bringing them to the attention of Colgems which quickly recognized their potential and
(09.12.2019, 23:07)(23:07)0
nimrodelhi all psych rockers(09.12.2019, 23:06)(23:06)0
FuzzyDaddyand 60s now(09.12.2019, 23:05)(23:05)0
Toine50's(09.12.2019, 23:04)(23:04)0
FuzzyDaddygood old Aussie stuff(09.12.2019, 23:01)(23:01)0
ToineVery Nice(09.12.2019, 22:56)(22:56)0
FuzzyDaddy(09.12.2019, 22:56)(22:56)0
Horatius RexPirana - Pirana II (Harvest) Australia 1972
Australian band PIRANA was formed in 1970, founded by Stan White (keyboards), Jim Duke-Yonge (drums), Tony Hamilton (vocals, guitar) and Graeme Thompson (bass) as a new musical venture for the latter three following their tenure in pop band Gus & The Nomads.
(09.12.2019, 22:55)(22:55)0

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