PsychspaniolosGoodnight all thanks a lot Toine(10.12.2018, 23:34)(23:34)0
NicoleYes Toine!(10.12.2018, 23:31)(23:31)0
Horatius Rexyes yes yeeeeeeeeees(10.12.2018, 23:31)(23:31)0
Toine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(10.12.2018, 23:30)(23:30)0
Horatius Rexi ll be waiting for the tribute show(10.12.2018, 23:30)(23:30)0
NicoleDank je Toine! Doe ook vele groeten aan Monique.(10.12.2018, 23:30)(23:30)0
ToineThanks Panos(10.12.2018, 23:29)(23:29)0
Horatius RexHave a wonderful night brothers and sisters(10.12.2018, 23:29)(23:29)0
ToineSweet dreams Nicole(10.12.2018, 23:29)(23:29)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks Toine for the tonight show(10.12.2018, 23:28)(23:28)0
NicoleThanks Toine! Good night to you all.(10.12.2018, 23:28)(23:28)0
ToineSteve Miller Band - Motherless Children(10.12.2018, 23:26)(23:26)0
Toineon the lp early steppenwolf(10.12.2018, 23:24)(23:24)0
Toine20 minutes raga(10.12.2018, 23:24)(23:24)0
Toinewith the lp version of THe Pusher(10.12.2018, 23:23)(23:23)0
Toineyes(10.12.2018, 23:23)(23:23)0
Psychspaniolosas Sparrow(10.12.2018, 23:22)(23:22)0
ToineSteppenwolf - corina corina(10.12.2018, 23:22)(23:22)0
Toineoriginal a soundtrack(10.12.2018, 23:22)(23:22)0
Toinefrom the lp Clear(10.12.2018, 23:21)(23:21)0
Horatius RexRight(10.12.2018, 23:21)(23:21)0
ToineI love it ; this song; one of the best from randy california(10.12.2018, 23:20)(23:20)0
Psychspaniolosamazing song(10.12.2018, 23:19)(23:19)0
Horatius Rex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(10.12.2018, 23:19)(23:19)0
ToineSpirit - Give a life, take a life(10.12.2018, 23:19)(23:19)0
NicoleThanks Horatius.(10.12.2018, 23:18)(23:18)0
Horatius RexSpacemen 3 - Playing With Fire 1989(10.12.2018, 23:18)(23:18)0
Horatius RexSpacemen 3 finally live up to the space rock potential of their name on their third album, Playing With Fire. Excepting some programmed sounding drums, the band basically drops all conventional rhythmic structure, building songs of of pulsing, delayed, and droning guitars and synths.(10.12.2018, 23:17)(23:17)0
Toinespacemen 3 - honey(10.12.2018, 23:16)(23:16)0
NicoleOkee, lief dat ze nog eventjes ging.(10.12.2018, 23:13)(23:13)0
Toinenee, nog bij Huub(10.12.2018, 23:12)(23:12)0
NicoleIs Monique al terug thuis Toine?(10.12.2018, 23:12)(23:12)0
Horatius RexWe like a lot this album(10.12.2018, 23:11)(23:11)0
ToineSaturnalia - She brings peace(10.12.2018, 23:11)(23:11)0
Toinegood info; thanks panos(10.12.2018, 23:08)(23:08)0
ToineSAdies - Eastern Winds(10.12.2018, 23:07)(23:07)0
PsychspaniolosHi Nicole and Panos......and Toine of course(10.12.2018, 23:07)(23:07)0
Horatius RexThe band started when the Fugitives consisting of Gary and Glenn Quackenbush (guitar and organ) and drummer E.G. Clawson took the lead singer Scott Richardson from another local band, the Chosen Few (their past notoriety being opening up the Grande ballroom in Detroit with the MC5).(10.12.2018, 23:07)(23:07)0
NicoleHi Psychpaniolos!(10.12.2018, 23:06)(23:06)0
Psychspaniolos(10.12.2018, 23:06)(23:06)0
Psychspaniolosufffff today was a hard day(10.12.2018, 23:06)(23:06)0
ToineGeorge , next week after 23.oo I will play Bardo Pond for you(10.12.2018, 23:05)(23:05)0
Horatius RexGood evening hard working man(10.12.2018, 23:04)(23:04)0
ToineHi George(10.12.2018, 23:04)(23:04)0
ToineSRC - Morning Mood(10.12.2018, 23:04)(23:04)0
Psychspanioloshello all(10.12.2018, 23:04)(23:04)0
Toineyes(10.12.2018, 23:02)(23:02)0
Toineand they can play it live too(10.12.2018, 23:02)(23:02)0
Horatius Rexyou remember ""closer to the heart "" ?(10.12.2018, 23:02)(23:02)0
Horatius RexOh shit !!!!!! What a sound that is coming from three persons(10.12.2018, 23:01)(23:01)0
Toinetrue(10.12.2018, 22:59)(22:59)0
Horatius RexWhat Toine said right now is the complete joke for the vinyl lovers(10.12.2018, 22:58)(22:58)0
ToineI played it: this is not Tom Rush; this is GEDDY LEE(10.12.2018, 22:57)(22:57)0
NicoleThe witch? Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!(10.12.2018, 22:57)(22:57)0
Toinethe first album i bought from Rush, I thought I bought an album by Tom Rush!(10.12.2018, 22:56)(22:56)0
Horatius RexGeddy the witch(10.12.2018, 22:56)(22:56)0
Toinewe love geddy lee(10.12.2018, 22:56)(22:56)0
NicoleLove Rush!!!!!! Go go go!!!(10.12.2018, 22:55)(22:55)0
ToineI will think about it(10.12.2018, 22:55)(22:55)0
Horatius RexThe TOP of the TOPS(10.12.2018, 22:54)(22:54)0
ToineRush - La Villa Strangiato(10.12.2018, 22:54)(22:54)0
Horatius RexEXACTLY !!!!!!(10.12.2018, 22:54)(22:54)0
ToineA two hour pink floyd cover show(10.12.2018, 22:53)(22:53)0
Horatius RexYES(10.12.2018, 22:53)(22:53)0
Toinewith all the covers!(10.12.2018, 22:52)(22:52)0
ToineFor Pink Floyd?(10.12.2018, 22:52)(22:52)0
Horatius Rexyou have to make a special tribute Toine(10.12.2018, 22:51)(22:51)0
Toineand julia dream(10.12.2018, 22:51)(22:51)0
ToineYes, me too(10.12.2018, 22:50)(22:50)0
Horatius RexA song that i love from this period is apples and oranges(10.12.2018, 22:50)(22:50)0
ToineI also downloaded 126 coverversions of Arnold Layne(10.12.2018, 22:50)(22:50)0
ToineRPWL - Arnold Layne(10.12.2018, 22:49)(22:49)0
NicoleMooi Roy Harper.(10.12.2018, 22:47)(22:47)0
Toinebeautiful lp(10.12.2018, 22:46)(22:46)0
Horatius Rex1974(10.12.2018, 22:46)(22:46)0
Toinefrom the lp Valentine(10.12.2018, 22:44)(22:44)0
ToineRoy Harper - I'll see you again(10.12.2018, 22:44)(22:44)0
ToineGreat guitarist(10.12.2018, 22:42)(22:42)0
Horatius RexWHAT A TUNE(10.12.2018, 22:41)(22:41)0
NicoleThat not much !%. !0%??????(10.12.2018, 22:39)(22:39)0
ToineIn Holland a bit more I think, perhaps 10%(10.12.2018, 22:39)(22:39)0
NicoleWe life near the border of Belgium tha's a bit different than Holland.(10.12.2018, 22:38)(22:38)0
ToineRoy Buchanan - The Messiah will come again(10.12.2018, 22:38)(22:38)0
Horatius Rexhere in Hellas is less than 1%(10.12.2018, 22:37)(22:37)0
NicoleI don't know. I hope so!(10.12.2018, 22:35)(22:35)0
Horatius RexThe people in Holland listen so much good music like you ?(10.12.2018, 22:34)(22:34)0
Horatius RexI have a question(10.12.2018, 22:34)(22:34)0
NicoleThat's true.(10.12.2018, 22:34)(22:34)0
NicoleYES!!!!!!!!!(10.12.2018, 22:33)(22:33)0
Horatius Rex11999 + SISTER NICOLE(10.12.2018, 22:33)(22:33)0
Toineroches - on the road to fairfax county(10.12.2018, 22:33)(22:33)0
NicoleYep!(10.12.2018, 22:33)(22:33)0
ToineHulst(10.12.2018, 22:32)(22:32)0
ToineHuslt is a medieval town with some 12 000 inhabitants; one of them is Nicole(10.12.2018, 22:32)(22:32)0
NicoleThanks Toine!(10.12.2018, 22:31)(22:31)0
Toinetown(10.12.2018, 22:30)(22:30)0
NicoleIt is not a city . How do you call this?(10.12.2018, 22:30)(22:30)0
ToineRob Hoeke's Rhythm and Blues Group - When people talk(10.12.2018, 22:30)(22:30)0
NicoleYes in the place where i life.(10.12.2018, 22:29)(22:29)0
Horatius RexHolland i suppose(10.12.2018, 22:29)(22:29)0

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