NicoleThanks Toine. I enjoyed it this evening. Many thanks. Sleep Well!!!!!!!!(18.02.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
Spellboundgoodnight(18.02.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
Spellboundmany thanks Toine,very nice(18.02.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
FuzzyDaddygoodnight και καλο βραδυ σε ολους(18.02.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
ToineThank you all, my friends(18.02.2019, 23:30)(23:30)0
FuzzyDaddythank you Toine(18.02.2019, 23:29)(23:29)0
PsychspaniolosThank you very much Toine....goodnight all(18.02.2019, 23:29)(23:29)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks Toine !!!!!!!! Have a wonderful night ALL(18.02.2019, 23:29)(23:29)0
FuzzyDaddyBill Nelson of Be-Bop Deluxe(18.02.2019, 23:27)(23:27)0
Toineok(18.02.2019, 23:18)(23:18)0
Horatius RexFacebook Toine, thank you Nicole !!!!!!!!(18.02.2019, 23:17)(23:17)0
SpellboundToine, FB is facebook(18.02.2019, 23:17)(23:17)0
FuzzyDaddy, 23:13)(23:13)0
PsychspaniolosMooi werk! ― Nice work!(18.02.2019, 23:12)(23:12)0
ToinePanos, What is FB?(18.02.2019, 23:12)(23:12)0
PsychspaniolosWat een mooi meisje. ― What a beautiful girl(18.02.2019, 23:11)(23:11)0
FuzzyDaddyYes Toine many roads and we like this(18.02.2019, 23:11)(23:11)0
NicoleSorry it means beautiful.(18.02.2019, 23:11)(23:11)0
FuzzyDaddyόμορφο(18.02.2019, 23:10)(23:10)0
ToineWe take many roads!(18.02.2019, 23:10)(23:10)0
FuzzyDaddybeautiful(18.02.2019, 23:10)(23:10)0
Horatius RexNicole what ""Mooi"" means ??????????? II saw it many times in FB(18.02.2019, 23:08)(23:08)0
FuzzyDaddyToine goes pop now(18.02.2019, 23:08)(23:08)0
NicoleMooi(18.02.2019, 23:04)(23:04)0
FuzzyDaddy, 23:03)(23:03)0
ToineYes. Of Shadows fame(18.02.2019, 23:02)(23:02)0
FuzzyDaddynow back to old stuff - Marvin, Welch & Farrar – Simplify your Head(18.02.2019, 23:02)(23:02)0
Horatius RexMarvin(18.02.2019, 23:02)(23:02)0
FuzzyDaddyand Toine gone metal(18.02.2019, 23:00)(23:00)0
FuzzyDaddyAnother Floyd's cover(18.02.2019, 22:54)(22:54)0
FuzzyDaddyHowlin Rain - Self Made Man with a nice guitar solo(18.02.2019, 22:52)(22:52)0
FuzzyDaddyHi George(18.02.2019, 22:49)(22:49)0
FuzzyDaddyMerci Toine(18.02.2019, 22:48)(22:48)0
ToineGreat Editing, Fuzzy(18.02.2019, 22:47)(22:47)0
NicoleHello Psychspaniolos(18.02.2019, 22:47)(22:47)0
ToineHi George(18.02.2019, 22:43)(22:43)0
Horatius RexHello Jorjito(18.02.2019, 22:43)(22:43)0
PsychspaniolosHello all(18.02.2019, 22:42)(22:42)0
ToineGreat Version(18.02.2019, 22:36)(22:36)0
Horatius RexFrom THE TOP OF THE TOPS(18.02.2019, 22:35)(22:35)0
FuzzyDaddyNice ‎– The Swedish Radio Sessions 1967(18.02.2019, 22:35)(22:35)0
ToineYes(18.02.2019, 22:33)(22:33)0
FuzzyDaddyand as I found on net the granpas are still active(18.02.2019, 22:33)(22:33)0
Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(18.02.2019, 22:33)(22:33)0
FuzzyDaddyhere comes the Bintangs(18.02.2019, 22:31)(22:31)0
NicoleYes !(18.02.2019, 22:31)(22:31)0
ToineGreat Performer(18.02.2019, 22:30)(22:30)0
NicoleMe too!!!(18.02.2019, 22:30)(22:30)0
FuzzyDaddyalso his first two lps from the late 70s(18.02.2019, 22:30)(22:30)0
FuzzyDaddyI like a lot his Body And Soul lp from 1984(18.02.2019, 22:29)(22:29)0
FuzzyDaddyThe track "Real Men" pointed obliquely to the city's early 1980s gay culture(18.02.2019, 22:29)(22:29)0
NicoleYep Joe Jackson. Hij komt in Antwerpen. Alles zo uitverkocht! Mooi!!!!!(18.02.2019, 22:28)(22:28)0
ToineREAL MEN(18.02.2019, 22:27)(22:27)0
FuzzyDaddyand Joe Jackson(18.02.2019, 22:27)(22:27)0
Spellboundexcellent(18.02.2019, 22:25)(22:25)0
FuzzyDaddyYes the great voice(18.02.2019, 22:25)(22:25)0
FuzzyDaddyWhen she walks by She brightens up the neighborhoodAnd every guy would take her hand
If he just could, if she just would Some sweet dayI'll make her mine, pretty flamingo
And every guy will envy me Cause paradise is where I'll be
(18.02.2019, 22:24)(22:24)0
ToineThe Great Rod(18.02.2019, 22:24)(22:24)0
ToineThe Great Randy(18.02.2019, 22:22)(22:22)0
FuzzyDaddyand the adventures of Kaptain Kopter & Commander Cassidy in Potato Land(18.02.2019, 22:21)(22:21)0
FuzzyDaddyThe Dream of Michelangelo(18.02.2019, 22:20)(22:20)0
Horatius Rex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(18.02.2019, 22:18)(22:18)0
FuzzyDaddyRainravens - acoustic rock quartet formed in Austin, Texas(18.02.2019, 22:16)(22:16)0
FuzzyDaddyClose to the frozen borderline(18.02.2019, 22:10)(22:10)0
ToineThanks Fuzzy(18.02.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
Horatius RexYES YEEEEES(18.02.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
FuzzyDaddywith flutes & without invading string strangulation(18.02.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
FuzzyDaddyRenee Armand was married to session drummer Jim Gordon ("Layla" fame). She made at least one appearance as lead vocalist during one of the last Derek & The Dominoes sessions but hard drugs (heroin) fragmented the band apart. Gordon produced & played on Armand's debut A & M album. It stiffed on the charts. Most of the songs are bland orchestrated ballads typical of the early 70's standards. However Side 1 has three polished gems. "England" starts things out with an acoustical jazzy ballad with(18.02.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
Horatius RexTOP TUNE(18.02.2019, 22:05)(22:05)0
FuzzyDaddyRenee Armand ‎– The Rain Book 1972 lp(18.02.2019, 22:05)(22:05)0
ToineJA(18.02.2019, 22:02)(22:02)0
NicoleMooi!(18.02.2019, 22:01)(22:01)0
Toineit is a nice album; this one of Arwen Lewis(18.02.2019, 21:59)(21:59)0
FuzzyDaddyLike this cover(18.02.2019, 21:59)(21:59)0
FuzzyDaddyArwen Lewis - Come In The Morning(18.02.2019, 21:58)(21:58)0
Toineand Carry Grace over this(18.02.2019, 21:55)(21:55)0
FuzzyDaddyCover by Cary Grace , American recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. She plays guitar and analogue synthesizers.(18.02.2019, 21:55)(21:55)0
FuzzyDaddyCirrus Minor - Floyd's song from "More"(18.02.2019, 21:54)(21:54)0
FuzzyDaddyPat Guadagno is a Solo Americana and Folk artist from Long Branch, New Jersey.(18.02.2019, 21:50)(21:50)0
NicoleGood evening brother Horatius!(18.02.2019, 21:49)(21:49)0
Horatius RexGood evening sister Nicole(18.02.2019, 21:48)(21:48)0
Spellboundhi Nicole(18.02.2019, 21:48)(21:48)0
ToineYou could be right, Fuzzy(18.02.2019, 21:45)(21:45)0
NicoleHi FuzzyDaddy!(18.02.2019, 21:44)(21:44)0
NicoleHoi Toine!(18.02.2019, 21:44)(21:44)0
FuzzyDaddyHi Nicole(18.02.2019, 21:44)(21:44)0
FuzzyDaddyI think the song is Angela(18.02.2019, 21:44)(21:44)0
ToineHoi Nicole(18.02.2019, 21:43)(21:43)0
NicoleGood evening to you all!(18.02.2019, 21:43)(21:43)0
FuzzyDaddyLeviathan - Angels(18.02.2019, 21:41)(21:41)0
Toineand still some flute(18.02.2019, 21:40)(21:40)0
Toinehe made some nice songs(18.02.2019, 21:38)(21:38)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom the 1973 lp ‎– It Never Rains In Southern California(18.02.2019, 21:37)(21:37)0
FuzzyDaddySometimes all I need is the air that I breathe And to love you
All I need is the air that I breathe Yes, to love you All I need is the air that I breathe,
(18.02.2019, 21:36)(21:36)0
FuzzyDaddyAlbert Hammond - The Air That I Breathe(18.02.2019, 21:36)(21:36)0
ToineAlbert Hammond - The Air that i breathe(18.02.2019, 21:36)(21:36)0
Horatius RexGREAT !!!!!!(18.02.2019, 21:35)(21:35)0
FuzzyDaddyRuperts People - A Prologue To A Magic World - Some UK psych in the beginning(18.02.2019, 21:34)(21:34)0
Spellboundhi Panos(18.02.2019, 21:32)(21:32)0
FuzzyDaddyHi Dora(18.02.2019, 21:32)(21:32)0

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