StumpheavyrockMany thanks Bill. Good night all.(03.03.2021, 23:33)(23:33)0
FuzzyDaddyκαι τι αλλο να επιλεξω για κλεισιμο , ευχαριστω πολύ ολους και ολες , Thanks a lot !!!(03.03.2021, 23:33)(23:33)0
MarshallΈεεεεεεεεεεεεετσιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιι(03.03.2021, 23:32)(23:32)0
Horatius RexA lot of thanks Bill !!! Goodnight ALL(03.03.2021, 23:32)(23:32)0
Windy LilΕυχαριστούμε Fuzz,θαυμάσια ηταν!!!Goodnight all!(03.03.2021, 23:32)(23:32)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:32)(23:32)0
FuzzyDaddy22 - Camel - Air Born(03.03.2021, 23:31)(23:31)0
Horatius RexΚαληνυχτα Marshall(03.03.2021, 23:31)(23:31)0
Marshallκαλό βράδυ παίδες(03.03.2021, 23:30)(23:30)0
FuzzyDaddyοπως και οι επομενοι που θα κλεισουν την αποψινη βραδια(03.03.2021, 23:29)(23:29)0
Windy LilΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ!!!!!!!!!(03.03.2021, 23:28)(23:28)0
Hellod!!!!(03.03.2021, 23:28)(23:28)0
Horatius RexΜΑΝΑ ΜΟΥΟΥΟΥΟΥΟΥ !!!!!!!!!!!(03.03.2021, 23:28)(23:28)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:28)(23:28)0
FuzzyDaddy21 - King Crimson - Lady Of The Dancing Water(03.03.2021, 23:28)(23:28)0
FuzzyDaddyεπισης πιστευω οτι και αυτοι θα εχουνε εξελιξη(03.03.2021, 23:28)(23:28)0
FuzzyDaddyκαλα πιστευω οτι θα πανε(03.03.2021, 23:25)(23:25)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom Friendliness lp 1972(03.03.2021, 23:23)(23:23)0
Horatius Rexγια να δουμε τι εξελιξη θα χουνε(03.03.2021, 23:23)(23:23)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:23)(23:23)0
FuzzyDaddy20 - Stackridge - Teatime(03.03.2021, 23:23)(23:23)0
FuzzyDaddyκαι αυτοι καλοι ακουγονται(03.03.2021, 23:22)(23:22)0
FuzzyDaddyπρεπει να τους ακουσουμε παλι να βγαλουμε συμπερασμα ασφαλες(03.03.2021, 23:22)(23:22)0
Horatius RexΑυτοι ειναι καλοι ρε συ !!!!!(03.03.2021, 23:21)(23:21)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:18)(23:18)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom Minstrel In The Gallery LP 1975(03.03.2021, 23:16)(23:16)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:15)(23:15)0
FuzzyDaddy19 - Jethro Tull - Baker St. Muse(03.03.2021, 23:15)(23:15)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:10)(23:10)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:10)(23:10)0
FuzzyDaddyA band from Florence, Campo di Marte were another of those band that despite a good recording deal with a major company (that incidentally was the only effort by United Artists to produce an Italian prog group), only released an album and disappeared.(03.03.2021, 23:10)(23:10)0
FuzzyDaddy18 - Campo Di Marte - Quinto Tempo(03.03.2021, 23:09)(23:09)0
FuzzyDaddyThe music on both Brainstorm albums was a highly inventive blend of songs and instrumentals, with a touch of Zappa, and Canterbury inspired certainly, akin to Caravan, Hatfield & The North, Soft Machine, etc., but also with a style all of their own.(03.03.2021, 23:07)(23:07)0
FuzzyDaddyBrainstorm originated from Baden-Baden (in South West Germany), as the eccentric Mothers Of Invention inspired combo with the unlikely name Fashion Prick (earlier Fashion Pink). Later, wisely changing name and becoming Brainstorm, they still attempted to shock with their debut album Smile A While, which caused a scandal due to its outrageous cover.(03.03.2021, 23:06)(23:06)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:02)(23:02)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 23:01)(23:01)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom Second Smile LP 1973(03.03.2021, 23:01)(23:01)0
FuzzyDaddy17 - Brainstorm - Marilyn Monroe(03.03.2021, 23:00)(23:00)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:56)(22:56)0
FuzzyDaddyThis early seventies effort is as appealing and ethereal as the album art and title (Traum translates “dream”) and worth a listen for anyone with a soft spot for folk, krautrock, lilting female voices, and the flute.(03.03.2021, 22:56)(22:56)0
Horatius RexHoelderlin !!!!!!!!!!!!! Απιστευτο σχημα !!!!!!(03.03.2021, 22:55)(22:55)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:55)(22:55)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom Hölderlins Traum LP 1972(03.03.2021, 22:55)(22:55)0
FuzzyDaddy16 - Hoelderlin - Traum(03.03.2021, 22:54)(22:54)0
FuzzyDaddyστην διασκευη της αποψινης βραδιας(03.03.2021, 22:52)(22:52)0
FuzzyDaddyVery little is known about this band that had a short lifetime but managed to record one sole album on a very collectable Futura Red label. This album is instrumental rock sounding very familiar because it is loaded with flute. The music is very lively and holds your attention throughout and one gets rewarded by the cover of Come Together of Fab Four fame also instrumental.(03.03.2021, 22:50)(22:50)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:50)(22:50)0
FuzzyDaddyTriode ‎– On N'A Pas Fini D'Avoir Tout Vu - LP 1971(03.03.2021, 22:50)(22:50)0
FuzzyDaddy15 - Triode - Come Together(03.03.2021, 22:49)(22:49)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:45)(22:45)0
FuzzyDaddyWater – Damburst LP 1976 - Dutch rock band active from 1974 to 1977.(03.03.2021, 22:44)(22:44)0
FuzzyDaddy14 - Water - Sail Away(03.03.2021, 22:44)(22:44)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:39)(22:39)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:39)(22:39)0
FuzzyDaddyBritish rock band, formed in London in 1969. During their 3 year or so existence they moved from psychedelia and blues through to a complex type of progressive rock. Their music featured winds and keyboards in addition to the conventional rock trio, with a sound sometimes compared to King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator.(03.03.2021, 22:38)(22:38)0
FuzzyDaddy13 - Raw Material - Ice Queen(03.03.2021, 22:38)(22:38)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:33)(22:33)0
FuzzyDaddyRAM was a short-lived American prog rock band that in 1972 released one album, Where (In Conclusion), on Polydor, and then disappeared from prog history. The group consisted of flautist/saxist John DeMartino, guitarist/vocalist Ralph DeMartino, bassist/vocalist Michael Rodriguez, and drummer Steeler, with Dennis Carbone providing additional vocals and keyboard.(03.03.2021, 22:33)(22:33)0
FuzzyDaddy12 - Ram - Stoned Silence(03.03.2021, 22:33)(22:33)0
Horatius RexΝομιζω εκει δημιουργησες ενα ονομα βαρυ σαν ιστορια(03.03.2021, 22:31)(22:31)0
FuzzyDaddyμεγαλουργησαμε και στην μπουντεσλιγκα(03.03.2021, 22:30)(22:30)0
Horatius RexΒεβαιως .... κι απ οτι ακουστηκε τοτε, με κλειστο πενταετες και υψηλη ρητρα(03.03.2021, 22:29)(22:29)0
FuzzyDaddyKollektiv is a German kraut rock band with roots going back to the mid 60's. Their early history is tied-up with that of Kraftwerk, back when that band was still called Organisation. Two of Kollektiv's members featured in an early Organisation line-up. The band brings free instrumental Kraut improvisations with jazz and avant leanings.(03.03.2021, 22:28)(22:28)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:28)(22:28)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:28)(22:28)0
FuzzyDaddy11 - Kollektiv - Rambo Zambo(03.03.2021, 22:27)(22:27)0
FuzzyDaddyμετα πηρα μεταγραφη για Γερμανια , εδω(03.03.2021, 22:27)(22:27)0
FuzzyDaddyναι φιλικη συμμετοχη(03.03.2021, 22:26)(22:26)0
Horatius RexΣτα πνευστα ο Μπιλ εδω(03.03.2021, 22:25)(22:25)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:25)(22:25)0
Horatius RexΕΚΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΟ !!!!!!(03.03.2021, 22:25)(22:25)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:25)(22:25)0
FuzzyDaddyOne of the greatest bands in the Italian prog field, Osanna came from Naples, formed in 1971 by the members of I Volti di Pietra and Città Frontale (another band with the same name came from Osanna ashes and recorded El Tor) whose keyboard player Gianni Leone has gone to Balletto di Bronzo.(03.03.2021, 22:24)(22:24)0
FuzzyDaddy10 - Osanna - L'Uomo(03.03.2021, 22:23)(22:23)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:18)(22:18)0
FuzzyDaddySkin Alley were a British progressive rock combo, that existed from 1968 to 1974 and was founded by Thomas Crimble and Alvin Pope.(03.03.2021, 22:18)(22:18)0
FuzzyDaddy09 - Skin Alley - So Many People(03.03.2021, 22:18)(22:18)0
Horatius RexΚαλησπεριζουμε Hellod επισης !!!!(03.03.2021, 22:15)(22:15)0
Horatius RexΝα μην ξεχασουμε ενα τοτεμ του φινλανδικου τζαζζ προγκ ροκ ..... τον ενα και μοναδικο Jukka Tolonen !!!!!!!!!!(03.03.2021, 22:14)(22:14)0
Windy LilGood evening Hellod(03.03.2021, 22:13)(22:13)0
FuzzyDaddyHi brother(03.03.2021, 22:13)(22:13)0
Hellodhelloo(03.03.2021, 22:13)(22:13)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:12)(22:12)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:12)(22:12)0
FuzzyDaddyOne of Finland's most famous prog rock bands. Founded in spring 1969 by guitarist Jukka Tolonen and drummer Vesa Aaltonen. Other members of the band came from Blues Section that had recently split up: bassist Mans Groundstroem and singer Frank Robson. Tasavallan Presidentti released their debut album in 1969.(03.03.2021, 22:12)(22:12)0
FuzzyDaddy08 - Tasavallan Presidentti - Dance(03.03.2021, 22:11)(22:11)0
Windy LilYesss!!(03.03.2021, 22:10)(22:10)0
Windy Lil(03.03.2021, 22:10)(22:10)0
FuzzyDaddyΕκπληκτικοι(03.03.2021, 22:10)(22:10)0
Horatius RexΔΩΣΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(03.03.2021, 22:09)(22:09)0
FuzzyDaddyfrom If 2 LP 1972 , κορυφαιο βρετανικο τζαζ ροκ σχημα(03.03.2021, 22:05)(22:05)0
Horatius RexFrom the TOP OF THE TOPS !!!!!!!!!!!!(03.03.2021, 22:05)(22:05)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 22:03)(22:03)0
FuzzyDaddy07 - If - I Couldn't Write And Tell You(03.03.2021, 22:03)(22:03)0
FuzzyDaddySome flute stuff tonight , volume 2 of the Flute Salad Series(03.03.2021, 22:01)(22:01)0
StumpheavyrockGood evening brother Rex(03.03.2021, 21:58)(21:58)0
Windy LilHello Rex!(03.03.2021, 21:58)(21:58)0
FuzzyDaddyHi Rex(03.03.2021, 21:57)(21:57)0
Horatius RexGood evening ALL(03.03.2021, 21:57)(21:57)0
FuzzyDaddy(03.03.2021, 21:55)(21:55)0

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